Why use LP Gas?

Burns cleaner                
LPG is a cleaner burning fuel with high combustion efficiency                 
LPG produces less harmful emissions. 
LPG can be used in and outdoors, provides instant,                 
easily controlled heat, which is ideal for domestic and commercial uses.   
Not noisy                 
It doesn’t cause any noise like a Petrol/Diesel generator.                
LPG is more economical                
The fact that LPG burns more cleanly helps ensure a more efficient,                 
low maintenance on Gas appliances and wear and tear  
LPG is more flexible                
LPG is reliable, portable and flexible so it can be used for a wide                 
range of applications. It provides instantly available heat and is easily controllable.                
Limitations on household Electrical supply                 
The average middleclass households are limited to a supply of approx. 60 Amps of electricity,                
therefore limiting the ammount of electrical appliances you can install.                
For e.g.                
A Meduim size electrical stove + oven + a 2L Kettle + Meduim Oil Heater, a 150L Geyser,                 
and a 15000 BTU aircon. uses approx. 58 Amps if used at its full potential